For the good development of a company, you need competent and quality employees. Recruitment therefore plays a vital role in the success of a company.

However, to recruit the right employees, it takes time, resources and money. And in case of failure, you will have to start all over again. It is therefore a strategic decision for the company that can have significant repercussions depending on its size.

One solution to avoid mistakes is to go through recruitment professionals who will have the necessary expertise to help you in your decision-making. Going through a recruitment agency could well simplify the hiring of your next recruits.

But what exactly is a recruitment agency? It is simply a company that takes care of the entire recruitment process, from the selection of candidates to their integration, according to the need expressed by the employer.

Two types of recruitment agencies are differentiated. Specialized agencies, which focus on a particular business sector, and generalist agencies.

Why go through a recruitment agency for a company looking to recruit? Here are several advantages:


An expert in his field, a recruiter knows the job market. He knows how to advise the client company and can even suggest atypical profiles that could be an asset for your business.

The years of experience of a recruitment agency make it an excellent advisor, it is also a complete professional accompaniment which allows to recruit quality candidates.


A recruitment agency has specialized professional tools specific to its activity, which allows it to be more efficient and precise in its research.

This is particularly the case for the ERP tool which allows it to have an immense repertoire of candidates.

A recruitment firm therefore has access to a wider range of candidates, but it also practices the direct approach. That is to say that he can get in touch with collaborators from other structures to canvass them. This allows you to have the exclusivity of an application.


By outsourcing the recruitment of your company, it saves time. A recruitment agency takes care of all the formalities related to recruitment, from the search to the selection of a small number of candidates.

The recruitment firm also takes care of checking diplomas and references upstream. And to validate the level of remuneration expected by each candidate.

Thus, the recruitment agency offers you to choose between a few qualified candidates for the position to be filled. In the event that no candidate is selected by the company following the interviews, the recruitment agency will take care of finding new candidates.


By saving time on the recruitment process, the company saves money. This will free up time for recruiting staff to focus 100% on the company’s core business. Likewise, by finding an ideal candidate, it will logically be productive faster. In addition, most recruitment firms work on success, they will only be paid if the candidate presented is hired by the client company.