What means are available to companies to facilitate their recruitment process? Among the possible options, one of them comes out on top in terms of efficiency: going through a recruitment agency. Discover 4 reasons to use a recruitment firm.

The recruitment agency, job market expert

Recruiters are confronted with the job market every day: they listen to both employers and candidates. They have a solid knowledge of the sector and its challenges. Going through a recruitment firm means choosing the experience: search criteria, profile studies, job offers, process… The recruiter advises you as best as possible to help you find the talent he is looking for. Should.

4 advantages of going through a recruitment firm

1. Recruit quickly and efficiently

Entrusting your recruitment to a specialized firm saves time for your HR department, which can then focus on human capital management. Everything related to the recruitment process is taken care of to find the right candidate in record time. Going through a recruitment firm provides access to a large pool of talent. Who knows: they may already have the new employee you need in their database!

2. Save money

Who says speed also says savings. Soliciting a recruitment firm allows you to make your expenses profitable, but also to spend less on recruitment. On average, the cost of hiring an executive is €7,000. Going through a recruitment firm lowers this cost to between €2,000 and €3,500. And in some cases, you do not need to pay an advance: payment is made once the selection of candidates is complete.

3. Take advantage of a controlled process

Do you need to recruit, but don’t have the time or skills to do it yourself? This is a mission that can quickly become time-consuming. Going through a recruitment agency allows you to stay focused on your core business. Thanks to its expertise and a well-oiled methodology, a recruitment firm simplifies your task by taking charge of:

  • dissemination of the job offer on various media and channels;
  • answers to questions from potential candidates and their feedback on the advertisement;
  • drafting refusal and summons emails;
  • organization of interviews;
  • the selection of the short-list of candidates after each stage;
  • contact with the references of young talents;
  • etc.
4. Limit risk taking

Finally, going through a recruitment firm limits risk-taking and therefore recruitment errors: you are more likely to find the right profiles and recruit the right people. However, the faster a candidate integrates your company, the faster your activity progresses. Candidates are also well assessed, both on their business skills (hard skills) and on their personal skills (soft skills). The expert approach provided by the firm guarantees the match between the successful candidate and your corporate culture. The candidate identifies with your values ​​and therefore integrates better.