Are you looking for personnel for certain positions? But don’t you have enough time or expertise to hire new staff? Consider hiring an employment agency. Would you like to know for sure whether this collaboration is right for you? Below we have listed 7 advantages of hiring an employment agency.

Large database

An employment agency receives dozens of applicants every day and has a high turnover rate of vacancies that they have to fill. As a result, they have a large database with a lot of candidates. You indicate to the employment agency what kind of candidate you are looking for and they will make a selection based on these wishes in their database. These will always be presented to you first. Are you not satisfied with the proposed candidates? Then they continue their search through new applications. You do not have to do this yourself. Many employers consider this one of the best advantages of hiring a temporary worker

The application process is faster

The procedure is relatively faster at an employment agency than if you did it yourself. You would first have to post a vacancy, go through resumes and cover letters, check references and conduct interviews. Maybe you don’t have the expertise to hire people yourself? When hiring an employment agency, you can be sure that you are hiring the right candidate. They are specialized in finding the right match between clients and candidates. In addition, in various branches it is even possible that a course or training is arranged in advance through the employment agency.


Do you have a busy period in your company? Then you hire a number of extra temporary workers. Do you have a less busy period? Then you can indicate this and terminate the employment contract. In other words, you can use temporary workers whenever it suits you. You pay per hour worked.

You are not the employer

The employment agency is the employee’s employer. He also arranges everything concerning the temporary worker. They pay the salary, arrange the planning and any illness and/or leave. This is ideal for you, because you don’t have to worry about it.

No costs in case of illness

Since you are not the employer, you do not have to bear the responsibilities and obligations for this. If the temporary worker falls ill, you do not have to continue paying this person for up to 2 years. After all, the employment agency is the employer and is responsible for payment of wages.

Less administration

Administration is part of being an employer and is a mandatory job that is often seen as something annoying and time-consuming. If you hire an employment agency, this will be done for you by the employment agency. So you don’t have to worry about this. The temporary employment agency arranges the payment, pay slips and annual statements, sick days and holidays, etc. You only need to check the temporary worker’s work slip and sign it if approved.

Fast delivery

Most employment agencies work with flex pools. These are trained temporary workers who are available flexibly. If you need temporary workers immediately, an employment agency can deliver quickly from these flex pools. These temps already know what to do. In addition, there is no need for an entire recruitment and selection process to precede it.