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31 Jan 2023

Five Tips For A Successful Recruitment And Selection Process

Does your company’s HRM use a fixed recruitment and selection process? Perhaps a tip to look at this with a critical eye. It is the business card of the company. It can be a significant investment in time and costs, but in the end this will pay off in new good employees. In addition, in the current labor market, it is a luxury if you bring in a top player. Read here 5 tips on how to handle a successful recruitment and selection process.

The steps of the recruitment and selection process in a nutshell :

  • Make a sketch function
  • Drawing up a candidate profile
  • Send out a vacancy
  • Assessment of cover letter and CV
  • Job interviews
  • Reviews
  • Completion and further guidance
  • Could the current selection process be more efficient?
  • Job interviews are an important part of the selection process. As a customer of the conversation, you naturally want to make the right choice on behalf of the company. Take a good look and analyze the current process. Clearly map out what is and what is not going well. Then you can adjust and fine-tune each step. Clearly communicate this process internally and ensure that everyone acts accordingly. If you invest in this, it will eventually pay off in the form of quality new employees.

  • What are the best application techniques?
  • Recruiting employees is still an art. Application techniques help you structure the interview. Of course you want to get a correct impression and a clear picture of the applicant.

    More and more you see that employers use other forms of application than ‘the interview’. Thanks to technological developments in recent decades, it is easy to automate this process. But perhaps this is not the right choice, because how do we know whether these systems really choose better candidates based on competencies, among other things? Selecting people remains human work.

  • Below is a small selection of application techniques
    • Individual interviews (so that you really get to know everything about the applicant)
    • Group interviews (so you can see how the applicants react to each other and work in a group)
    • Analytical tests and assignments

    It is important that the interrogator has a good command of these techniques, otherwise it is of no use.

  • Outsource the recruitment and selection process?
  • Of course, there is also the option of outsourcing the entire process. The reason for doing this may differ per organization. For example, it may be that the company itself does not have the substantive knowledge of the vacancy. Or perhaps the company does not have enough networks and connections in the labor market. A recruitment agency ensures that the right person is matched to the right vacancy.

  • Is it worth recruiting internally first?
  • First open the vacancy internally, there may be employees who are interested. Do make use of the selection process. The advantage of applying internally is that the employee is already familiar with the company and you with the employee. In this way, you may be able to adjust the vacancy to fully suit your employee who is applying for the vacancy.

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