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31 Jan 2023

Create A Valuable Cv: Stand Out With These 5 Tips

Your curriculum vitae (literally meaning: life course) should give a clear overview of your work experience, skills and knowledge. It is the first impression an employer gets of you. With your CV you present yourself: it is about you as an employee. Of course you want to make a valuable CV and stand out from the other applicants, but how do you make sure that you make a valuable CV? What do you do and not do if you want to beat the competition?

5 tips for a professional resume :

  • Match the position you are applying for
  • Every employer sets different requirements for a candidate in the vacancy. Even if you apply for a similar position at various employers, the accents may be slightly different. Respond to this by first making a basic CV: in this you note everything you have done, can and want to do. Every new work experience, course and skill can be entered there.

    Update this resume regularly, but never send it. In the CV with which you apply, you only include the matters that are relevant to the position. You can of course read which matters are relevant in the vacancy text. This allows you to create a customized CV for each application, which is much more interesting than a standard summary. An employer will appreciate you making the effort.

  • Mandatory CV components
  • Include at least your personal details, work experience and education on your CV. Contact details, place of residence and marital status are also usually expected prominently on the first page.

  • Make your resume personal
  • Of course, applying for a job is a business thing, but it is advisable to include a number of personal elements. You can add a photo of yourself, although opinions are divided on this. A so-called ‘personal profile’ is perhaps even more interesting.

    A personal profile is a short piece of text at the beginning of your CV, in which you tell something about your ambitions, results achieved or personal characteristics in a few lines. A personal profile therefore says something about who you are and what kind of work you are looking for. This makes it more interesting for an employer than a photo.

  • A resume with little or no work experience?
  • Do you have little or even no work experience? Do not panic! Certainly with starters on the labor market, no employer will be surprised that you have little or no work experience. Then try to put the emphasis on your resume differently. Start by naming your education or make a so-called ‘skills CV’ in which you emphasize your knowledge, skills and (personal) qualities.

  • Make your resume creative
  • Remember that there are many ways to make your resume more engaging by using your creativity. By using color and a certain font, your CV can stand out just a bit more. Or you make a video CV in which you tell something about yourself (as an employee).

    You can also create a website with, for example, your portfolio (of previous work). These are extras that will definitely make you stand out. Keep in mind that it must suit you and the position. Not every job lends itself to being creative. Do not use flashy colors and do not make your resume too busy and full: overview is also important!

    With the CV maker on the Student Vacancy website you can fill in your details and easily create a CV. Everything is automated and you will receive your resume at your email address. Creating a resume has never been easier.

    Finally Another little afterburner… Emphasize your positive qualities and describe your skills and qualities in a positive way. You don’t have to be modest about your good qualities. Are you set up systematically and is that important in the position? Then don’t say that you “can’t handle chaos”, but say, for example, that you can plan well or that you meet deadlines without any problems. If you follow these tips, you will create a valuable resume.

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