Have you decided to take the plunge and want to entrust your recruitment to a firm? Excellent decision! But among the hundreds of service providers that exist on the French market, it can be difficult to choose. RECSI reveals the 5 basic criteria for choosing the right recruitment firm.

Start by establishing your staffing needs

Before you even look at these selection criteria and compare the offers of recruitment firms, you must establish your real needs in terms of human resources. Launching a volume recruitment campaign does not imply the same expectations as finding a highly sought-after profile. Take the time to establish the various job descriptions before choosing a recruitment firm. Attach a forecast document containing all the information related to your HR needs.

Choosing your recruitment firm: 5 essential points

1. Expertise

Obviously, the first criterion is that of expertise. Do not hesitate to ask for relevant references (in the same or similar sector of activity to yours) to assess the qualifications of recruiters. Choosing a recruiting firm means capitalizing on their industry expertise and network to find the talent you need. Make sure that recruiters speak the same language as you and the candidates.

2. Reputation

The reputation of your future partner is also very important. On the Internet, you can find everything you need to assess the firm’s e-reputation. For example, candidate reviews provide information on how to support recruiters. To choose a recruitment firm, feedback from clients (former or current) is a valuable resource. Often, the seniority of a service provider works in its favor: longevity is generally synonymous with customer satisfaction and success.

3. Price

Your budget necessarily comes into play when choosing a recruitment agency. In general, the price of recruitment varies according to different criteria: the type of profile sought, its difficulty or the locality of the job. Sourcing tools and techniques will then be adapted according to the level of research required. Quality and rapid recruitment can have a certain cost, but it is a real investment for the future: a recruitment error costs much more in the long term.

4. Methodology

Another criterion that allows you to choose a recruitment firm adapted to your needs: that of the methodology used. Indeed, recruitment methods vary according to the providers. Some are specialized in a field of activity, a type of profile or even a need. Some recruiters favor digital recruitment campaigns, while others favor more traditional channels. Just keep in mind that a consistent methodology is based on 4 principles:

  • identifying and understanding your needs;
  • personalized sourcing according to the mission;
  • an analysis of the candidates’ skills;
  • Monitoring the integration of the new employee.

5. Listening and trust

Choosing a recruitment firm means choosing a partner more than just a service provider. The latter will accompany you throughout the recruitment process: he listens, advises and recommends solutions. It is therefore necessary to set up an honest and quality dialogue, based on mutual trust. An efficient relationship will necessarily benefit your recruitment. Taking the time to connect with recruiters increases your chances of finding the right candidate.