Recruitment agency: why your company needs it

The art of recruitment is not an easy task. Indeed, many companies come up against various obstacles when they want to unearth new talent: where certain sectors of activity suffer from a real shortage of profiles, others have significant training needs. Moreover, not all companies have an internal HR department (it is too expensive): what if the assets of a recruitment agency could be put at the service of your organization?

Recruitment agency: the guarantee of finding the right profiles

When you call on a recruitment agency, the first advantage you benefit from is the CV database it makes available to you. Indeed, most agencies have an internal database that brings together a multitude of job seekers. Your HR provider therefore supports the search for the right profiles to meet the needs of your company, but not only. It carries out a pre-selection in order to present you with a final list of potential candidates. Be careful, however, to clearly define your requirements before choosing your agency: if some of them are generalists, specialized firms may prove to be more suitable for finding specific and/or scarce profiles.

Recruitment agency: saving time and productivity

By using a recruitment firm, you will not only benefit from a large candidate base. Your provider will help you save time at every stage of the recruitment process. You delegate not only the search for candidates, but also a certain number of administrative formalities. You can even ask your agency to conduct the job interviews, within its premises or at your company, to benefit from its expertise and ensure that you make the right choices. However, recruitment is one of the longest processes, but also the most expensive in business. A firm will therefore help you to make the hiring of your new talents profitable, by simplifying and reducing the duration of the process.

Recruitment agency: rigorous HR skills

While large companies generally have an internal HR department, SMEs such as start-ups do not always have the resources to internalize this type of skills. In this case, outsourcing recruitment through an agency can help small businesses recruit efficiently, while saving the costs of setting up an HR department. Moreover, your firm can help you design a tailor-made recruitment process, ensuring the transmission of the necessary HR skills in the short, medium or long term. More than a simple intermediary dedicated to the search for candidates, an agency specializing in recruitment can help you enrich your corporate culture, but also the internal processes of your organization. By providing you with solid support, your service provider will be able to help you integrate good sourcing and hiring practices into your company’s overall strategy: don’t hesitate! This can be essential to grow your business!