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31 Jan 2023

What Makes Your Company Attractive To Young Talent

In a world where digitization plays an increasingly important role, young people and students can add value to your company. The next generation of graduates has grown up in a digital world and can guarantee you new insights. Not only in the digital field, but also in many other areas. As an employer, how can you still stand out above the rest of the competition and be attractive to young talent?

Key factors for young professionals :

  • Growth opportunities
  • When you as a company can give young talent the opportunity to grow and continue to learn, they are more likely to consider your company in their search for a job. Young people are often ambitious, and therefore like it when they are given more and more responsibilities. They want to be in a place where their talents are looked at and where they can develop them further.

    Because of this eagerness to learn, they like it when they occasionally receive feedback on their performance. Regular performance reviews are therefore highly recommended.

  • Online presence
  • Make sure you have an online presence. Young professionals have long stopped looking for a job by looking at vacancies in newspapers. They search online. It is therefore important that your website looks professional and that you are active on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram . Make sure that your vacancy is shared as much as possible on these channels, and use hashtags such as #vacancy, #apply or #colleaguewanted where possible, for easy findability.

    Even if you do not actively use your social channels (after all, managing them takes quite a lot of time), make sure you have at least a few professional posts that match the image of your organization. Your social media is almost guaranteed to be visited: this is how you make sure you look inviting.

  • Structure
  • No young professional is the same, but there are several things that they often pay attention to when applying for a job. Although young people can often adapt easily and are very flexible, they also like structure and security. A permanent contract and clear job description are a plus for many students. Permanent contracts are scarce in the current labor market! Are you the party that can offer this added value? Put this above all.

  • Secondary employment conditions
  • The fringe benefits can be the deciding factor for an applicant to come and work at your company. Do not offer too standard conditions such as a telephone, laptop or that well-known Friday afternoon drink (although this is of course also a plus), but find out what your target group really wants. Does this include a training budget that can be freely spent? A bicycle plan? Flex times or home working days? Above all, support young employees not only at work, but also ensure that they are given enough space to develop their personality in their private lives.

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