With the Covid 19 health crisis, human resources have seen their profession change. With the impossibility of meeting candidates face to face, remote recruitment has become essential. What are the challenges and trends to follow regarding online recruitment? How can companies adapt to remain attractive to candidates?

An attractive job offer

In recent years, the employer/candidate relationship has been disrupted. Wanting to give a more personal meaning to their professional activity, candidates are now looking for companies that share their values.

In order to find the job offers that correspond to them, candidates use new connected tools, and do in-depth research on the companies for which they are applying thanks to job boards, social networks and mobile applications.

There are many ways to learn about companies, and no candidate is deprived of them. The challenge for recruiters? Make their company attractive, thanks to authentic job offers. The objective is simple: to attract and seduce the best candidates. But be careful, because the presentation you make of your company must indeed correspond to reality. To attract and then keep your new recruits, and avoid seeing them turn to a company that better meets their needs and their value, it is sometimes the whole organization that must be transformed.

What matters to applicants?

In some fields, such as IT or digital, there are often more job offers than applicants. 

Remote recruitment must no longer be content with posting descriptive job offers online. From now on, to really generate interest, companies will have to highlight their employer brand. The latter must reflect the identity of the company, and enhance its strengths with authenticity. In order to attract candidates, recruiters will have to highlight the company’s history, what makes up its DNA, its development projects, its CSR policy, or its environmental commitments…

Active people are now looking for positions that make them feel fulfilled, that leave room for confidence and autonomy. They no longer hesitate to change jobs to turn to a position that will have more meaning for them. It is then that the care given to the onboarding of new recruits, that is to say their integration, takes center stage. To achieve this, recruiters today can use onboarding software, which plays a fundamental role in the online recruitment process. Hiring documents, IT equipment, DPAE: thanks to this type of tool, you are sure that everything is ready on D-Day!

What tools for digital recruitment?

The tools that accompany digital recruitment are varied.

Recruitment management software

You can first turn to recruitment management software: they allow you to centralize all your recruitment missions within a single interface.

Drafting of the announcement, distribution of the job offer, generation of the employment contract: all the stages can be managed thanks to this tool.

Artificial intelligence

AI, thanks to CV parsing and matching, allows you to sort CVs, organize your candidate pool, and browse your CV database in just a few clicks. A considerable time saver and a major asset that will support you in your decision-making.

Thanks to these AI tools, you improve your HR performance, but also the candidate experience.

Programmatic recruitment

Programmatic recruitment makes it possible to source the best candidates efficiently. This technique is based on Big Data, which represents a massive set of data collected on websites, social networks, online media, etc. Programmatic recruitment solutions will then extract from Big Data the data shared by Internet users in order to analyze them. . The goal? Bring your job offers to the right people, those who have the profile that matches your search criteria: skills, age, professional experience, areas of interest, etc.

Mobile recruitment

Among the tools that are used by digital recruitment, we find mobile recruitment. Since 81% of candidates use their smartphone to search for a job, companies have no choice but to offer offers that are mobile-friendly. You will therefore need to ensure that you offer a smooth and simple digital recruitment process.