To be effective, a recruitment process requires organization and precision. You will have to establish an action plan that will allow you to find your way through each of the stages, and which will also specify the deadlines that you will have to respect. So, how to facilitate your recruitment process to find the rare pearl? How to improve your organization? What steps are essential and should attract your attention?

Define the desired profile in advance

In order to write a complete and developed job description, you must define in advance the type of profile you are looking for. Specify the knowledge, experience and soft skills that will be essential to fulfill the missions that will be assigned to your new recruit. To refine this profile, do not hesitate to seek advice from the people who will work with him on a daily basis.

A complete job description

When the profile is defined, you will need to complete a detailed job description. You will specify the main activities to be carried out, the responsibilities to be carried out, the level of experience and education to be had.

Also think about the salary you want to give to this new collaborator. In the job description, give the candidate the opportunity to plan for the long term with you: tell him about possible developments in this type of position.

Specify if the position already exists or if it is a creation, and talk about the level of autonomy that the candidate will have to carry out his objectives.

Be thorough in the lists of skills you make. Include enough information to attract the best profiles, but be careful not to put too much: you risk discouraging candidates. You must be consistent and realistic: a job offer for which no one is qualified will not succeed.

In order to carry out this key step, you can turn to recruitment professionals: since they know the job market perfectly, they will help you to create a job offer that corresponds to the skills you are looking for.

Choose precisely where the offer will be published

When written, your job posting must be published to be seen! But above all, it must be seen by the right people. You can then turn to specialized platforms in your sector of activity, and publish the ad on your social networks.

The members of your team will also be able to talk about the job offer around them, and recommend profiles that meet your expectations.

Analyze resumes carefully

Reviewing CVs is a central step in the recruitment process. Even if it is a time- consuming step, it is what will allow you to understand if the profile meets the requirements that are essential for you.

You will then be able to see if the candidate has indeed taken the time to analyze your job offer. During this step, focus on the skills the candidate has mastered. Analyze the quality of the writing of the CV and its overall rendering.

Analyze his background, his experiences, and pay attention to the objectives that the candidate was able to fulfill during his previous positions. How did he fill them? What qualities helped him? Has he been able to acquire the IT / managerial / digital / marketing skills you are looking for? Can he adapt? What are its strengths?

You will be able to establish a list of the best potential candidates, who will be selected for a job interview. In this list, place next to the names the strengths and weaknesses of each. What are the warning signs? The points that risk blocking? It will be essential to discuss these topics during the job interview.

Deepen the interviews

During the interviews, do not hesitate to deepen your questions, to learn more about past experiences, about the skills acquired. Ask open-ended questions, to let the candidate speak. But do not forget that you are looking for the rare pearl: you will therefore have to, during the job interview, make an offer that matches the candidate. Tell him about the salary and other benefits of the position. If he matches, make him an offer quickly, before he turns to another company. Responsiveness is a considerable asset for a successful recruitment process.