Your job search is stagnating despite numerous CV and cover letter submissions? To boost your professional project and help you find a job that suits you, recruitment firms are increasingly in demand. So how can recruiters from these firms represent you in the job market? We explain to you.

Get expert advice

To speed up your job search, benefiting from the advice of experts who know the market in your sector perfectly can be a real asset. Recruiters from these firms know what companies are looking for. What skills, what knowledge, what tools must be mastered: nothing escapes them.

They will also help you manage your e-reputation, which can be a key element in finding a job.

A personalized follow-up

Many recruiters have professional experience in your field. They understand what attracts and excites you about your job, and what you need to land a job in your industry. Appointments will allow you to discuss with the recruiter your objectives, your past experiences, your skills, your mobility, the desired remuneration, etc.

Advice on your CV

The consultants of the recruitment firms accompany you in order to learn how to take care of your application. They help you polish your CV, your portfolio, and your cover letter, to make them attractive. The goal? Give weight to your application, so as not to miss any opportunity. You will benefit from tailor-made advice in order to differentiate yourself from other candidates and attract the attention of companies that interest you.

A tailor-made network of employers

By going through a recruitment firm, you benefit from its entire network of employers. Your interlocutor, after discussing with you, will then send your profile to companies that are looking for your skills and that are likely to be interested in your application. The firm does not just send your CV to the companies concerned: it will represent you by highlighting your specific skills to recruiters, to attract their attention.

Prepare for interviews

Recruitment firms also support you to help you prepare for interviews with companies. Thanks to face-to-face or video interviews, you can then prepare for your meeting with employers, by putting yourself in the situation. You will then know which skills to put forward: enough to be more serene on D-Day, and give you every chance of seducing recruiters:

  • How do you convince the recruiter that you are the right person for the job?
  • How to make your experiences speak to your advantage?
  • How do you talk about the skills you’ve mastered as the conversation progresses?
  • What are the right questions to ask the recruiter?
  • How do you introduce yourself and speak positively about yourself?
  • How to talk about your qualities and your faults?

Identify its shortcomings

The firm’s recruiters will help you identify any gaps you may have for the position you are interested in. They will allow you to put your finger on the skills that are necessary, and will guide you towards appropriate training if necessary.

Better understand the market

Recruitment firms provide you with key information on the job market in your sector. This valuable information will help you see more clearly about the most sought-after type of profile, the skills to master, the salaries you can claim.

A single point of contact from A to Z

Thanks to the tailor-made approach process of certain recruitment firms, you have contact with a single point of contact, who will take care of your job search from A to Z.

  1. He will carry out a framing interview with you, in order to specify the outlines of the position to be filled by his client company. You will also have information on the location, or even the salary.
  2. A second interview will then be carried out with you in physics, in order to go into the more technical details of the position, and see more clearly about the skills you have.
  3. During a third interview, conducted with human resources, your ability to talk about your background, as well as your interpersonal skills will be analyzed.

Finally, during a fourth interview, you will be coached by your consultant, in order to prepare for your meeting with the client company.